My passion for hair styling, hair extension artistry and fashion began over 13 years ago. I have coarse hair; and, despite much effort, my hair simply would not grow past the top of my shoulders. I started experimenting with different types of extension methods and hair types to give my hair both length and body. I tried every method possible: clip-in; tape-in; glue in; fusions; braided weave; micro links - you name it, I've tried it!


Despite these many attempts I was unable to find a method that minimized damage to my hair, blended well, looked natural, maintained its integrity, and gave me freedom.Let's get real, who wants to have to worry about how you're going to throw your hair in an effortless pony, or going to the lake with the fear of getting your extensions wet!

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For years, my only solution was to visit two different salons: one to get extensions placed in my hair and another to get them coloured and cut. Having educated myself on the most recognized extension methods, I would go to these salons, express to the stylists how and where I would like the extensions placed, suggest the appropriate amount of hair to use, and specify the cut and colour that I needed. It was quite the process and ... guess what ... it still wasn't giving me the optimal result that I wanted. I knew there had to be a better way.


Determined to find a solution, I obtained certifications in several different hair extension methods. I practiced them diligently to understand the pros and cons of each one. I am a 21-questions type of person, and an absolute perfectionist when it comes to hair, I knew that simply being educated in extensions wasn't enough. I had to know everything I could about hair! I then enrolled at the Academy of Professional Hair Design to become a hairstylist. It was at the Academy that I met the beautiful Stephanie Cunningham of S.C. Artistry and, together, we leveraged our 25+ years of combined extension experience to create the solution that I had been looking for all these years.