Together, with Stephnaie Cunningham, we created the BBR extension method out of our personal frustrations with current extensions and our struggle to find natural feeling, hassle-free, blended hair extensions. We began identifying flaws in some of the most highly-recognized methods, and were stunned by how few of them could work on all hair types and be 100% customizable. So - with much testing, trial and error, and creativity, we developed a method that finally enables women to have "magazine, Victoria's Secret, Pinterest-inspired hair!"


The BBR approach combines a revised version of a braidless weave with the perfect application of colour and cut to create the most blended, lightweight, and easy-to-maintain method of hair extensions. I am committed to educating all of my clients about the method and its advantages in order to determine how the method can best solve their hair extension challenges.


The Process

I customize the BBR method to each of my clients based on their own natural hair type and on their desired look. Before each appointment, I ask my clients to complete a questionnaire about their hair history. With these details in hand, I have a consultation with them (by phone or in-person) to arrive at their desired hair colour, length, style etc. and we book the appointment.


My creative process of placement, colour and cut is rooted in my desire to provide the most advanced hair extension method to my clients. I am continually learning and improving to give clients the best possible product and service.

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Q & A

What is the difference between our method and all the other extension methods?
Our BBR method combines a version of a Braidless Weave with a customized track that allows the weight of the hair extension to be distributed uniformly over your natural hair.  Because the method involves minimal points of contact in the hair, damage to the hair is minimized considerably compared with other methods.

What does it feel like having it in your hair?

Co-creator, Stephanie Cunningham, explains it best:  “It feels like what Ariel must have felt like when she first got her legs. At first, it feels a little different; it takes a bit of adjusting to. But then, once you realize the freedom, flexibility, empowerment, and confidence it gives you, it is the most amazing feeling in the world.”

 Does it feel heavy and does it damage your hair?
The even distribution of the track along the head allows the extensions to feel comfortable and lightweight. Because the rows lay on top of the natural hair thus, allowing the natural hair to continue growing at its natural rate. As with most hair services, people may experience a slight amount of strain to their natural hair; but, because contact with the natural hair is so small — and the proper installation method is assured — damage should not occur.

Can I still throw my hair up in a ponytail?

YES!  You wouldn’t believe the number of women that ask me this question daily — and it is a big benefit of our method! Because the tracks are so thin and custom-placed in the hair, putting your hair in a ponytail is simple, and the tracks are not visible.

Can I swim with my extensions in?

Most definitely.  You can jump headfirst into the lake, flip your hair, and walk onto the shore without a worry.  The tracks adhere to the hair so firmly — even out in the elements — that they will not slip or slide out, thus giving you freedom to swim to your heart’s content.

How do I wash my hair, and how often?
Simply wash your hair as if it is your hair.  I empower my clients to feel as though their extensions are simply an "extension" of their natural hair.  In other words, wash and condition your hair normally while scrubbing lightly in between the tracks.
Another advantage is that you need only wash the top section of your hair (above the tracks) every 4-5 days and wash your entire head about once a week, at most.  I always tell my clients that “every head is different,” so simply wash your hair when it feels dirty.

Can I use styling tools on my extensions?
Yes!  I use top of the line Bohyme hair extensions in my clients’ hair because they are, in our opinion, the highest quality available.  Bohyme hair extensions can be coloured, washed, heat-styled, and hold their integrity longer than others on the market.
What products should I use or avoid?
I tell my clients to treat the extension hair as if they were treating for their own hair in the best way possible. Always use salon quality products that are sulfate-free and add moisture to your hair.  Incorporate a deep conditioner into your hair care routine about once a week and always use a leave in conditioner when the hair is wet. Light oils are recommended in moderation.  

What if I have very fragile, thin hair?
With fine hair, you must place a thinner weft onto the hair and place the beads in an undetectable location.  I order the finest weft of Bohyme hair for our fine-haired clients.  The customizability of our method allows for minimal strain on fine hair and optimal placement of the beads to remain invisible.
How often should I get my extensions tightened?
Because of natural hair growth, the extensions must be tightened (moved up) every 5-8 weeks.  When clients come in for a tighten, we will simply move the tracks back up to their original position.  This process takes 45 minutes to an hour depending on the amount of new growth and on the number of tracks in a client’s hair.

What type of hair do you use, and how much does it cost? 
Over the years, I have personally tried many types of extension installation methods as well as all different types of hair.  Through my trials, I found that Bohyme hair is the highest quality hair on the market and is ethically conscious, which is why I use it with all my clients.

Hair prices are based on colour, texture and length.
 How long do hair extensions last? 
With proper hair maintenance, the hair extensions can last anywhere from 6-10 months.  

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